1966 - 2005

Stuart’s Story


Stuart Lyddon was a great bloke loved by family and friends alike. When he went for investigation on a “dodgy” knee none of us expected what would happen next. Diagnosed with a serious blood disorder, Stu endured chemo and a bone marrow graft at the King’s College Hospital in London and was on the road to recovery when he was struck by a massive brain haemorrhage and died a day short of his 39th birthday.
During his stay at King’s, even at his lowest ebb, Stu wanted to help others around him and embarked on a quest to give some creature comforts to his fellow patients. With the blessing of his parents; Ray and Mag, his wife and daughters; Tracy, Daisy and Polly and his sister Sarah the SLAGs hope to continue that quest for as long as we can and provide creature comforts in Stu’s name.